Why Should I Hire You?

This isn’t just an important job interview question. It isn’t just a common job interview question. This is the only job interview question any employer has ever asked you.Why Should I Hire You?

Wait a minute! I’ve been on a few job interviews. They definitely asked me more than one question.

No. Not really. You were only being asked one question. It was just worded about 50 different ways.

Every job interview question is a another way for an employer to ask you why they should hire you.

Make sure your job interview answers tell them why. Here are the three most important reasons you’ll need to convince an employer why they should hire you:

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How To Get A Job Before You Go Broke!

The job market is finally starting to shows signs of life. So if you’ve been on the sidelines waiting, now is the time to get back in the game. Here are four tips to help you get a job this year.

How To Get A JobMaximize Your Exposure

There’s no way to find a job if no one knows you’re looking. Don’t just keep posting your resume on job search websites.

Let the people around you know that you’re looking for a job. Don’t just tell them that you need a job. Let them know how they can help you.

You are more likely to get real help that way. Not everyone can do everything for you. Have a friend that you know that writes well. Have them help you with your cover letter.

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3 Simple Ways To Scam Proof Your Life

Scam Proof Your Life

  There's a sucker born every minute   -David Hannum P. T. Barnum of the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus made a living off of scamming the paying public. Barnum built his fame and fortune producing elaborate hoaxes that he then … [Continue reading]

New Year, New You, New Job!

new year new job

2010 is in the books. It's time to make and break a bunch of new year's resolutions. Last year was good but it could have been much better here at Unemployed Help. With that, here are my new year's resolutions to help you get hired in 2011: … [Continue reading]

Unemployed Help Blog Buffet 7

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8 Scam Free Ways To Work From Home

Scam Free Ways To Work From Home

Tired of scams and ripoffs? Here's a list of eight scam free ways to work from home. Really legitimate. That means none of the you pay us now and we'll pay you never crap that's everywhere. The first three scam free ways to work from home on … [Continue reading]

Tell Me About Yourself?

This is one of the most common job interview answers you'll be required to give. It's usually the very first question and used as an informal ice breaker. But make no mistake about it this question is part of your official interview and evaluation. … [Continue reading]

Job Security Is Dead

Job Security Is Dead

Recently, Scott Pelley from 60 Minutes highlighted the unemployment crisis in San Jose, CA otherwise known as Silicon Valley.  The unemployment rate is about 12 percent there. The unemployment and underemployment rate is about 22 percent in  all of … [Continue reading]

Unemployed Help Blog Buffet 6

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6 Tips For Coping With Job Loss

Coping With Job Loss

By Ryan Camana Even when the economy is doing well people suffer from the loss of a job. It may be the business has failed or that you've been replaced by someone else. What you need to keep in mind is every door that closes opens a new one. … [Continue reading]