Unemployed Help Blog Buffet 4

Welcome to the September 20, 2010 edition of Unemployed Help Blog Buffet. Below is a collection of articles from around the blogosphere selected to provide help for the unemployed.

Annah Rondon presents Red Means Go!: LIVIN’ LA VIDA LOCA posted at Red Means Go!, saying, “A frustrated tale of quitting.”

Engelbert Hudson presents 17 Management Gurus Worth Following on Twitter posted at Biz-gasm, saying, “Management is a challenging field, but there are many highly effective managers who share their expertise via twitter. This is a list of 17 such persons.”

Career Help

Christina Crowe presents 17 Practical Ways to Make a Living Online posted at  Cash Campfire, saying, “Could entrepreneurs really be taking over the economy? This was one question Amy Cosper, Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, posted in the December 2009 issue of the publication. is guide is meant to be a resource to help you make a living online. A simple list of ideas or suggestions to help you achieve your online goals, if you will, that will point you on to the right path. Test them, practice them or devote your time to them. You can control your own future.”





Diane Laine presents Journalism Degrees posted at The Journalism Journeyman, saying, “While naysayers may claim that journalism is dead, a journalism degree still can have significant value, especially for those interested in internet journalism.”





Find A Job

Michelle L. Cramer presents Avoiding Freelance Job Scams | LinkToPro.com posted at LinkToPro.com, saying, “There are many ways to tell a scam from a true-blue freelance job and I’m hoping this post will guide you in the right direction.”





Matt T. Henterly presents How to Find Work Fast posted at The SimpleChecking Blog, saying, “You may need to shift your focus from “finding a job” to “finding work” to get a quick paycheck – here are some tips.”

Unemployment Help

Rachel Hansen presents Recession-Proofing Your Career Plan posted at Pounding the Pavement, saying, “Working smarter, not harder, is often the difference between burning out, scraping by, and excelling. That’s why, with unemployment hovering at around 9.5 percent, perhaps it’s time to become a bit more pragmatic about our career pursuits. Here are a few tips from the Pounding the Pavement crew.”

nissim ziv presents Surviving Job Loss Depression: Coping with Job Loss Depression posted at Job Interview Guide, saying, “Dealing with job loss can be difficult because you are experiencing several problems at once. You may have lost an important social network, you may have others who depend on you financially, and you may be starting to feel a lack of motivation if you’ve experienced rejection. The article suggest ways to coping with job lose depression and surviving this situation.”

Kevin Acree presents Who Says, There?s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch? posted at social LA on A budget, saying, “Ways to get free services for those with little money to spend.”

BWL presents How To Live On One Income posted at Christian Personal Finance, saying, “With all the layoffs, many families have been reduced to a single income. This article focuses on the things one woman did to learn how to live with one income.”


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